Work Areas

Among our partner lawyers, and external consultants, we have specialists in various branches of Law, for example, in Human Rights, Constitutional, Criminal, Insurance, Consumer, Administrative, Family, Tax, Forensic, Civil, Commercial, Labor, Environmental and other diverse.

However, we believe that, in the modern world, solutions are not in the specialties; but in the comprehensive knowledge that the Law has and the ability to be able to complement it with other disciplines according to the specific case. For example, making alliances with forensic, accounting, communication, health, and structural experts, and any other area of knowledge that is needed.

We believe in tailor-made answers to the problem that seeks a solution. That is why we say that our area of work is the universe of possible solutions that deserves the specific case. And for each one of them we elaborate a specific work strategy and merging the specialties and professionals that are necessary to find the solution required by the client.

Based on the above, our area of work would be one: The design of a response strategy or solution to the problem that is presented to us.